Perth was blessed with moderate sunny weather to mark the first day of winter yesterday, so I was able to rock this awesome new Club Exx outfit from Dolls Kill for a little adventure to Cottesloe Beach! I felt like a colourful mermaid draped in rainbow seaweed being by the ocean in this funky fringed outfit, hehe! Sunny days around this time of year are my favourite – I can’t stand scorching heat, but I do appreciate a bit of cheerful sunshine, so it was lovely to be at the beach 🙂

I paired this cute little set with some glittery earrings that were handmade for me recently by On A Whim Designs – how gorgeous do they look sparkling in the sunlight?! I think these will definitely become a favourite accessory of mine. I also rocked some fabulous furry slides from EGO, and a colourful bag I designed/made, because you can never have too many rainbow coloured accessories! 🙂

And I definitely didn’t swim in the ocean while I was at the beach, haha! As some of you may know I never swim in the ocean – I’m too scared of swimming around in the water when I can’t see whats around me or where I’m stepping! Do any of you have that same fear when it comes to the ocean?? In the last three years I can only recall one time I have been swimming at the beach… I’m such a bad Australian, haha! That being said, I love to be near the beach and to appreciate the gorgeous views of the coast that we are lucky to have here in Western Australia. If you love the beach, you have to come and holiday here sometime! 🙂

I noticed when looking at these photos that my hair is starting to fade to really lovely pastel shades now. I washed it the morning these were taken, which always changes the look of the colours slightly each time! The unicorn colours that Amber from Hairhouse Warehouse Belmont does on my hair always fade out so beautifully, its so cool getting to have a different, softer look as the colours lighten! I quite enjoy rocking the pastel hues for a change. Which do you prefer – vibrant, bright hair or pastel hair? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear what look you love most 🙂

Crop top: Club Exx (available at
High waisted hot shorts: Club Exx (available at
Fringed waist belt: Club Exx (available at
Earrings: On A Whim Designs 
Shoes: EGO
Bag: P’JUNK (
Glasses: Purchased from a costume shop
Hair colour: By Amber at Hairhouse Warehouse Belmont