Avant Fire

  1. Bright Beret, Princess Highway
  2. Beaded Necklace, Wayward Jewel
  3. Mojito Dress, Holiday The Label
  4. High Tide Cardi, House of Sunny
  5. Fast & Furious Faux Fur Jacket, Tibbs & Bones
  6. Oblivious Tee, The Ragged Priest
  7. Bedtime Reader Knitter Jumper, Lazy Oaf
  8. Wave Jean, The Ragged Priest
  9. Anaheim SK8-Hi 38 DX, Vans (available at Hype DC)
  10. Kokomo Pant, Holiday The Label
  11. Tripp Heel, 2 Baia Vista (available at ZOMP)
  12. Dizzy Daisy Earrings, Haus of Dizzy (available at Tibbs & Bones)
  13. Fire Starter Bra, Seaqueen Swim