Back To My Roots #ThrowbackThursday

I was rummaging through the virtual mountain of files on my computer tonight (COVID-19 social distancing and self isolation has given me the motivation to finally sort out these things)… And guess what I stumbled across? These awesome images snapped nearly a year ago by wonderful photographer Astrid Volzke (Our PhotoStories), in my rural hometown of Darkan! I had been meaning to share them at the time, but it totally slipped my mind. Better late than never – Enjoy these photos capturing the contrast of my fashion design work with the landscape I grew up in. Shearing sheds, sun-drenched paddocks, and wide blue skies…

We also snapped some photos of my pieces on gorgeous local models Abby and Alex – Girls who I grew up alongside, albeit a good few years younger than my old self!

Every good designer needs an entourage, and luckily for me I had my Aunty Pam to help drag my roller rack through the dirt… Love this behind-the-scenes snap Astrid took of her looking ever the fashion professional juggling assistant styling with phone calls!