I love making something old new again. Whether it be using fabric from secondhand clothing to create new pieces in my fashion design practice, or taking an old piece of furniture and breathing fresh life into it… There is just something so heartwarming about making things last. In our home renovation this is something important to us – we are both avid lovers of vintage, and appreciate the value of pieces with a history or a personal touch. So when the need for more storage in my art studio room arose, relics from years past gave me the opportunity to exercise my DIY flair.

For many years Alex and I have had two drawer units we purchased from IKEA. A tallboy and a sideboard built from plain pine, designed to be ready to paint and customize… No sanding required! However giving them the character they deserve was one of those jobs that always failed to get done, and they traveled with us over time forever in the form of blank canvases… Until now! Alex helped me lug them out of our shed, and after a dust off they were ready for their makeover.

As you may know from previous Home Renovation Diaries entries, my studio is freshly painted in a striking emerald green, so of course anything going in this room has to be suitably bold to match. Using a mix of house paint from leftover sample pots and a dash of acrylic from my paint stash, I gave them a fresh new look…


DIY furniture makeover! ? Dusty old ##IKEA drawers, transformed into a colourful spot to store my fabric ? Do you like before or after better??

♬ i know im f d up but its sad lofi – llusionmusic

PART THREE of making my dream creative studio room… Some furniture painting fun! ? Do you like how it turned out? ☺️

♬ CITY OF ANGELS 24KGoldn Funk Remix – llusionmusic

I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out! As a lover of colour, I have so much fun curating colour palettes for projects like this, it’s so exciting to watch it unfold as each new hue is added. Alas, even with all of this drawer space I STILL need more spots to stash away all the bits and bobs in my studio! I’m planning on finding a funky antique wardrobe with gorgeous detailing, and re-purposing it to suit my needs! I’m thinking filling it with custom shelves, sanding it back, and rendering it in a suitably vibrant colour, so it will be a slightly bigger project than these drawers… Watch this space!