If you’re looking to buy fun, colourful bedding in Australia at the moment I have a few recommendations to feast your eyes on! Colours, prints, and gorgeous textures… While working out what to decorate our new home with, I have had my eye on so much delightful bedding decor. I figured I’d put together a quick wish list to share with you all – These goodies are too lovely to keep to myself!

If you have any suggestions of other brands I haven’t mentioned please do let me know, I’m always open to adding new pieces to my list of loves <3

  1. Green Gallery Quilt Cover / Soft Square Quilt ~ Gorman
  2. Deep Wisteria Tassel Throw ~ Kip & Co
  3. Peachy Metallic Throw ~ Sage and Clare
  4. Berrivel Tufted Blanket ~ Sage and Clare
  5. Fuchsia Linen Flat Sheet ~ Kip & Co
  6. Linen Flat Sheet (available in various colours) ~ Sage and Clare
  7. Cockatoo and Protea Cushion ~ Princess Highway
  8. Gallop Linen Quilt Cover / Gallop Linen Pillowcases ~ Kip & Co