How groovy is this wall, by artist Maya Hayuk?! I love finding colourful murals and vibrant buildings tucked away around Perth or in different places that I travel too 🙂 Coincidentally, I happened to be dressed to match this glorious facade, and blended in with it like a colourful chameleon! Click through to see the full post below, and find out all the details of what I’m wearing~

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April ’17 Wishlist

  1. Popping Candy Faux Fur Jacket, Tibbs & Bones
  2. Cold Shoulder Mini Dress, Vivetta (available on Shopbop)
  3. Truck Jumpsuit, A.P.C (available on Shopbop)
  4. Face Check Shirt Dress, Lazy Oaf
  5. Spangle Earrings, SNAFU Design
  6. Penny’s Platform Boots, Current Mood (available on Dolls Kill)
  7. Marques Sunglasses, Karen Walker
  8. Mottled Pink Glitter Diamond Bag, MAUDE Studio
  9. Ziggy Dust Sparkle Lightning Boots, Y.R.U. (available on Dolls Kill)
  10. Glitter Rainbow iPhone Case, Marc Jacobs (available on Shopbop)
  11. Daisy Dropper Crop Top, Current Mood (available on Dolls Kill)
  12. Daisy Dropper Pull-On Flares, Current Mood (available on Dolls Kill)

January ’17 Wishlist

  1. DeLorean Sunglasses, Dolls Kill (available at
  2. Pink Haze Aviator Shades, Tibbs & Bones (available at
  3. Daisy Brain Hair Clips, Tibbs & Bones (available at
  4. Velvet Cap Beret, one spo (available at
  5. Rainbow Glitter Flower Power Choker, Marina Fini (available at
  6. Joan of Arc Long Sleeved Dress, DI$COUNT UNIVERSE (available at
  7. Camera Bag, KENZO (available at
  8. Four Coloured Desert Maxi Dress, ZIZTAR (available at
  9. Zaza Multi Floral Print Ankle Boot, EGO (available at
  10. Chenille Heart Pinafore Dress, Lazy Oaf (available at
  11. Little Bear Pouch, Moschino (available at
  12. Sierra Flare Ankle Boots, Public Desire (available at