Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid’. So I’m working on a list.

#1. Ice cream
#2. Water fights

Everything that’s brilliant about the world

#5. Things with stripes
#25. Wearing a cape

Everything that’s worth living for.

#314 The Way Ray Charles sings the word ‘You’
#319. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out of your nose
#823. Skinny Dipping

I’m going to try to get to one million

Flashback to Thursday last week, 6pm…

Alex and I were invited to the opening of ‘Every Brilliant Thing’, the latest offering from Black Swan State Theatre Company, and I was getting ready to head out. I dressed up in something snazzy, rummaged through my wardrobe to find the perfect bag to match, and decided to spend some time applying a dash of eye makeup. Usually I’m not much of a makeup person, but this outfit demanded some extra flair!

The ritual of event dressing set the scene for the performance I would go on to witness – This show took form like an outfit being pieced together! Audience participation was a major part of this one-man show, with multiple characters being plucked from the crowd along the way to bring the story to life. Additional layers were added on in the form of audience members reading from cards they were handed prior to the performance… The contents of which will make you smile!

The performance itself was a poignant, uplifting look at mental health from the point of view of someone on the outside looking in. A refreshing take as so often depression and suicide is looked at through the eyes of those afflicted, which through their lens can be viewed in a dramatised or even glamourised light. Seeing the collateral harm caused to those in the turbulent wake of mental illness was eye opening – ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ succeeds in pointing out something that was there all along, but is so easily cast out of focus.

Despite it’s heavy subject matter, this performance is by no means doom and gloom! A comedy at heart, you can expect lots of laughs to accompany the sombre moments, and the overall tone is one of hope. It’s a cathartic experience for those who at times struggle to see all the joyful things (big and small!) that life can bring.

Flash forward to Thursday last week, 9.30pm…

We arrived home from our night at the theatre, having talked all the way home about the show and how moving it was.
“How hilarious was the guy pulled from the audience to play the characters dad?”
“What would be some things you would add to the list of every brilliant thing?”
I traipsed to the bathroom to get ready for bed… Flicked on the light… Looked in the mirror… Only to discover that eye makeup remover would not be required tonight!

The makeup I had so carefully applied earlier in the night was no more, I had cried it all off!

My top tip for those going to watch ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ – When it comes to accessorising your theatre outfit, eye makeup is a no, tissues are a yes.

‘Every Brilliant Thing’ run from 25th of August – 18th of September
You can purchase tickets and read more info HERE

Lifeline offers 24 hour counselling service 13 11 14.