A sunny winter day is wonderful for me… My pale self can always do with some extra vitamin D, but when it’s too hot I suffer in the heat! A cool day with some sunshine is perfect, I can soak up some UV rays without melting, Wicked Witch of The West style. So of course, when a day like this comes along, you can find me out and about!

In this glorious weather, all that was needed was a light blouse and dress – Comfy and cute! This blouse was a great thrift shop find from a few years ago. As you’d assume with a blouse like this, it had some HUGE old-school shoulder pads, which I promptly removed for a more contemporary look. I love the way it layers under this dress… The billowing loose sleeves paired with a fitted waist is such a great silhouette.


Watch to the end for a moment of blissful peace… Such a lovely place to enjoy some sunshine! ??? #NatureVibes #TikTokAustralia #cottagecore

♬ original sound – magicedits4

This dress is another long-time fixture in my wardrobe, gifted to me by BlackMilk Clothing. The print is gorgeous – I love how it blends fruit, flowers, and insects! There are so many little details to notice, the more you look the more you see. I think the bees buzzing around these yellow flowers were quite drawn to it…

Dress: BlackMilk Clothing (sold out)
Shirt: (vintage)
Bag: KENZO (sold out)
Hair colour: By Jordyn at Stevie Vincent Studios