After months of hard work I at long last presented my final collection for one of my classes at university today (for those of you who don’t know, I study fashion at Curtin University here in Perth and am halfway through my final year!)!

I entitled the collection of garments and accessories “Rise Up!”, and it is intended to serve as negative commentary on the current fast-pace of the fashion industry. Designers are increasingly being pushed to their limits to produce new collections as luxury fashion strives to compete with the high street. This higher output and shorter timeframe undoubtedly results in a prioritising of quantity over quality, and sees designers increasingly acting more-so as creative directors instructing large teams of people, rather than designing themselves. My collection aims to bring back the ‘quality’, creating pieces that are lovingly hand-crafted and pieces of art to wear and treasure. I drew influence from youth culture (in particular the punk subculture) to approach my theme from the point of view of youth standing up to the current system of the fashion industry… If we are to see change it must come from those who inherit this industry and its flaws.

Models: Rebecca @sheslikeasunburn // Rachael @rello961
Makeup Artist: Chiara De Stefano – Special Occasions Makeup Artist (@chiarahh)
Photographer: Claire (@bear_bott)
Styling/Garment Design/Creative Direction/Model: Kate Hannah (@katehannah)


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