Dress: Motel
Top: MINGA London
Shoes: EGO
Bag: Romy LDN
Eyewear: MAUDE Studio

Hair colour by Amber at Hairhouse Warehouse Belmont (using Manic Panic dyes from their store)

I love anything shiny. I’m like a bowerbird, making my way through life collecting pretty sparkly, shimmery things… So of course, this dress from Motel totally tickled my fancy! It comes in a few different colourways, this one is ‘Lilac’. I’ve worn it a few times since it arrived in the mail last week, and I’ve found it to be the perfect piece for layering, either with a top underneath like I’ve styled it here, or with a funky jacket over the top!

Also, do you like how my new hair colour matches my MINGA London top?! I had my hair done this week for the first time at Hairhouse Warehouse Belmont (located in the Belmont Forum shopping centre for all my fellow Perth peeps who want to treat themselves to a fab new do!). I really love how the vivid blue, yellow, and rose colours pop out from underneath the layer of pastel pinky-purple on top! <3