May 2016 Wishlist



  1. BB Heart Sunglasses, h0les eyewear (available at
  2. Fruit Sweater, UNIF (available at
  3. Rainbow Dream Septum Clip, Vidakush (available at
  4. Poodle Tote, DI$COUNT UNIVERSE (available at
  5. Black Pyramid Bag, Romy LDN (available at
  6. Run Free Fray Culottes, Vale (available at
  7. Frog Stripe T-Shirt, Lazy Oaf (available at
  8. Chloe Boot (PINK // BLUE), Public Desire, (available at
  9. Teacup Coin Purse, Kate Spade New York (available at
  10. Pins (RIHANNA // KARL LAGERFELD), Georgia Perry (available at
  11. Afar Off Shoulder Top, MLM LABEL (available at


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