I’m a 23 year old fashion designer and blogger, currently living in Perth, Western Australia (although, I want to travel and work all over the world!). I have a love of anything colourful and cute, and am basically a walking rainbow – My ever-changing rainbow mane is my most identifiable feature! I enjoy expressing myself creatively through what I wear and the garments/accessories that I design… I try to embody the title of my blog and live an artful life with creativity present in every facet of it! I think the best way to describe myself would be if kawaii, punk, a cartoon character, and a mountain of glitter had a baby, haha 🙂

I first started blogging in 2011 aged 18, with a tumblr blog centred on fashion and related imagery (an-artful-life.tumblr.com) which I still curate today! After seeing my tumblr following grow and positive reactions to posting images of my personal style, I have since expanded my blogging activities to include more of that, and I have lots of fun doing so! 🙂 I love to blog as a creative outlet, but also to inspire people to be themselves and celebrate their quirks… So I hope that I can help inspire you through my posts to go and be your fabulous unique self! <3


Kate xx


Just to let you know, I do occasionally wear or show items/services on my social media which have been gifted to me by brands/vendors/online stores/etc for promotional purposes – These are always things that I have chosen and like, I wouldn’t ever want to promote something that I wouldn’t personally buy! 🙂 

I also use cookies on my website for the purpose of tracking blog traffic and statistics, and use affiliate links 🙂

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