January ’17 Wishlist

  1. DeLorean Sunglasses, Dolls Kill (available at
  2. Pink Haze Aviator Shades, Tibbs & Bones (available at
  3. Daisy Brain Hair Clips, Tibbs & Bones (available at
  4. Velvet Cap Beret, one spo (available at
  5. Rainbow Glitter Flower Power Choker, Marina Fini (available at
  6. Joan of Arc Long Sleeved Dress, DI$COUNT UNIVERSE (available at
  7. Camera Bag, KENZO (available at
  8. Four Coloured Desert Maxi Dress, ZIZTAR (available at
  9. Zaza Multi Floral Print Ankle Boot, EGO (available at
  10. Chenille Heart Pinafore Dress, Lazy Oaf (available at
  11. Little Bear Pouch, Moschino (available at
  12. Sierra Flare Ankle Boots, Public Desire (available at
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Born To Shimmer, Born To Shine


Pip & Pop ‘When Happiness Ruled’ Exhibition

Recently I dropped by the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) with my boyfriend Alex to check out ‘When Happiness Ruled’, a very fun and funky exhibition by Australian artist ‘Pip & Pop’ (aka Tanya Schultz)…  And it did not disappoint!! <3
We were greeted by sugary landscapes of colour and sparkles, and I instantly wished I could shrink myself down to run around in the fun little worlds on display! The more you looked at each little ‘island’ the more small details you noticed, it was so magical! There were moving components as well, which made the exhibition really come to life. I’ve been a fan of Pip & Pop’s work for a long time now, so it was awesome to finally see some of it in person, and I made sure to snap some photos and a few little videos while I was there to share with you all 🙂 Click through below to check them all out!!